2 thoughts on “14 June 2020

  1. As requested here are my thoughts on the podcasts and how I have used them.
    I have taken to listening to them first thing on a Sunday morning, this works really well for me. I listen whilst walking or just doing relaxation stretches. I have to admit to being more focused listening to a podcast. I do miss my church family but these podcasts have added something new to my worship of God. A few weeks ago, one Saturday evening after the tragic news of my cousin, it was the podcast that helped me through a Saturday evening… It helped ?.
    Thank you for this week’s podcast, it included my favourite hymn and thank you for last week’s music too, I have downloaded The Swan, I had forgotten how much I lived this music as a child. Thank you and have a good day

  2. I can say honestly that I would miss these Podcasts if they were to stop. Yes I do miss being with everyone on a Sunday morning and look forward to returning to church when that can happen but I am also enjoying this type of worship. I love being able to switch on and listen when I most need it. I love the beautiful choice of music. I love the tranquillity of the whole thing. I can sit in my garden, in my bedroom, in my livingroom, it doesn’t matter where it is, I feel close to God when I just listen. Thank you Bill and Erica for putting these together in such a beautiful way. X

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